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Welcome to GameStart. Singapore leading and largest online digital game shop! We are the pioneer of e-commerce in online digital games and are proud and honored to be part of the evolving eSports scene. Shopping for online games are just a few clicks away and you will be off downloading and playing the game in the next few minutes.

This is totally mind-blowing when back in the days, you’ve to wander through shopping malls and game shop, queuing up for mid-night launches, just to get your hands on your favorite game title. We have always put the customer first and we work hard to make shopping at GameStart easy for our customers, wherever they are.


Our payment options include Debit & Credit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer, DBS PayLah, Cash & Coin Deposit. We are currently the only online retailer in Singapore to provide Cash & Coin Deposit payment which is a widely favored and in demand option among our customers. The key benefits for you is that you do not need to own credit cards or bank accounts to make purchase with us.

Shopping at GameStart has to be fun and yet easy! Relax and shop at your convenience at home, save your time and money shopping in malls and game shops.

Shopping online for games is the ultimate way to get your hands on your favorite titles. Accessing game demos, screenshots and video gameplay are just a click away.


Our core customers are Millennials.

They are fun, tech-savvy.

They consume the games whenever they want, however they want, wherever they want.

They want games on demand.


Cost: Digital games will always be cheaper than Physical games. No physical warehouse, no disc, no commission, no margins, etc. The list goes on and on.

Pre-Order: When you pre-order digital games, the games will be downloaded and pre-load onto your devices prior to the release date. You can then start playing it right after the day of it’s official release. No waiting in line. No waiting for a delivery. If you stay up late enough, you could have most of the game completed before your friends even get up for work.

Environment-Friendly: Digital games cut down on the amount of wasted generated to produce a game. Think of the plastic, cartridges, cds, seal packaging. There’s more environmentally friendly way to consume your game.

Space & Convenience: Running out of space to store your disc on your shelves? Worry about losing or misplacing your game? All digital games are stored in your game library with a click away.


We feature over 1 hundred gaming brands and 1 thousand digital gaming products, making us Singapore no. 1. From big brands such as Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Capcom to great game titles such as Grand Theft Auto V, Fallout 4, Counter Strike, there will always be something for everyone.